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Cathay Pacific Limits Baggage Weight

Cathay Pacific today announced that, from 1 April 2004, the maximum acceptable weight of any single piece of checked baggage will be 32kg (70lb) in order to maintain safety standards for baggage handlers.
According to industry health and safety guidelines, 32kg (70lb) is the reasonable weight limit to protect baggage handlers from occupational injuries.
With the implementation of the new policy, any passenger with a piece of check-in baggage exceeding that limit will be requested to repack with separate bags in order to come with the limit. The policy will apply on all flights.
Cathay Pacific Director Service Delivery Robert Cutler said: “The driving force behind this policy is the need to maintain a safe working environment for ground staff and baggage handlers, and to reduce the risk of injury when lifting heavy items. Many countries and carriers have already introduced this rule and as a responsible airline, we have decided to adopt this standard as well.”