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Independent Examiner Finds for United Airlines

An independent examiner Thursday found that United Airlines told the truth when the company said it had not made a
decision to seek changes to retiree medical benefits before July 1,
contrary to allegations made by certain labor leaders.
“I conclude that United’s decision to seek section 1114 relief was not
made before July 1, 2003,” the Examiner wrote in his report. He also said,
“I found no evidence to support the suggestion that United had a financial
incentive to induce flight attendants to retire between May 1 and July 1,

“This makes clear what we said all along—we told the truth,” said Peter
D. McDonald, executive vice president - operations. “The allegations from
the Association of Flight Attendants were a distraction that led to a
colossal waste of time and resources, and the examiner’s report is an
emphatic repudiation of those baseless claims.”

The proposed modifications United is seeking are designed to bring the
medical benefits of those who retired prior to July 1, 2003, more in line
with future retirees and with the marketplace. The company is beginning
negotiations with retirees’ authorized representatives on necessary
modifications to benefits, and looks forward to moving ahead toward
consensual agreements with retirees.