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Sheraton Hotels to Launch Lo-Carb Lifestyle

If you’re one of the 32 million* Americans cutting carbohydrates and find it nearly impossible to stick to your diet on the road, you’re not alone. When low-carb devotees who number among the senior ranks of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.  faced yet another platter of pastry, bagels and bread at the hotel breakfast bar, they decided to do something about it. Beginning April 16th, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts will introduce Lo-Carb Lifestyle(sm) by Sheraton, the most extensive line of low-carb food offerings in the hotel industry.
Room Service, Cocktails, Even the Mint on the Pillow Go Low-Carb

Lo-Carb Lifestyle by Sheraton will debut next month in 200 Sheraton hotels in North America followed by an expansion overseas later this year. Lo-Carb Lifestyle by Sheraton features all-new low-carb restaurant menus, room service offerings, cocktails, club lounge service and to-go snacks. In an industry first, Sheraton has also developed a special banquet menu meaning that meeting attendees and even guests at weddings, fundraisers and other social functions can easily stick to their low-carb regimens. How far is Sheraton taking the low-carb craze? Well, even the iconic hotel mint is going low-carb - a new, sinfully delicious chocolate mint with less than one net carb is on its way to a pillow near you.

Most Menu Items Less Than Five Net Carbs

Lo-Carb Lifestyle by Sheraton features more than 15 menu items covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and cocktail nibbles. Highlights include a Portobello Chicken Burger, Seared Norwegian Salmon, Mediterranean Garlic Chicken and Salmon Lettuce Wraps as well as favorites including a New York Sirloin, No-Buns Burger, Chicken Wings and plenty of bacon and eggs. Developed by Sheraton Executive Chef Richard Faeh, most menu items contain less than five net carbohydrates. The low-carb drinks menu includes low-carb beer, a gin and tonic and specialty drinks including a Leanytini (Smirnoff vodka, vermouth and lemon twist), a TGIF (Tanqueray and grapefruit juice with fresh strawberries) and more.

63% of Americans Interested in Reducing Carbohydrates


Starwood Chairman and CEO Barry S. Sternlicht who has been watching his carbs for several years said he decided to develop a low-carb program for Sheraton when the low-carb boxed lunches ran out before sushi, salads or sandwiches at Starwood’s recent global conference attended by 5,000 international travelers.

“There are more Americans cutting carbs than the entire population of Canada - this is no longer a fad,” said Sternlicht. “More than 63%** of Americans are interested in reducing their carbohydrates and in a recent survey of Sheraton guests, 40% said they would like the brand to add low-carb offerings to its menus. I have personally found it challenging to stay on my diet on the road, especially when attending meetings, and it is time that the travel industry cater to low- carb devotees.”

Sternlicht said that 50 percent of his senior team are on low-carb diets. “We feel better, we look better and we perform better. Our cafeteria at corporate headquarters has gone low-carb, and now we are delighted to be able to maintain our diets on the road.”

According to Norman MacLeod, Sheraton’s Executive Vice President, his team tasted more than 100 low-carb snacks ranging from cookies to candy bars to nuts to beef jerky to jelly beans to develop to-go snacks and several hundred hotel chefs are completing a training program focused on preparation and cooking techniques for the roll-out of the new menu. “Our hotels can’t wait to launch our low-carb program - their customers have been asking for it.”

From A Good Night’s Sleep to Low-Carb Room Service, Sheraton Promises to Deliver

Lo-Carb Lifestyle by Sheraton is the latest in a series of innovations designed to elevate the brand to the top of the upscale hotel segment. Just last September the hotel giant and its owners and franchisees vowed to spend more than $75 million to put 110,000 new signature Sheraton Sweet Sleeper beds in 200 hotels in North America. In September 2002 the brand introduced the Sheraton Service Promise, the hotel giant’s highly touted service program that promises “if you’re not satisfied, just tell us and we’ll take care of it.” Since 1998, more than more than $1 billion has been invested in upgrading the Sheraton brand, primarily in renovations. Sheraton’s design team, recruited from Ralph Lauren, Holly Hunt, and Williams-Sonoma has revamped Sheraton’s room design and created a portfolio of five lifestyle guestroom designs that are rolling out around the country.