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Grenada report an increase in arrivals

The Grenada Board of Tourism has reported that total visitor arrivals are up 59% for January 2004, compared with the same time period of 2003. A total 59,448 tourists visited Grenada during the first month of this year, compared to 37,359 in 2003. This includes both stayover visitors and cruise ship passengers.

Stayover visitors from the USA increased by 8.18% as a total of 4,127 were admitted to Grenada. However, overall, the stayover category experienced a growth of 0.87%. The major turn around was with the cruise passenger arrivals that increased by 91.44%.

“We are very encouraged by this increase in tourist arrivals,” said William Joseph, Director of Tourism.  “We are off to a good start this year and hope to see this trend continue throughout 2004.”

Helping drive this boost in visitor arrivals were increases from several
markets around the world including the United States (8.18%), the United
Kingdom (6.42%), the Caribbean (11.65%) and Latin America (5.48%).