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The Art of Dentistry….Pure Pleasure

This month sees the opening of a hip new dental centre. The Gloucester Road Smile Centre expels all myths around dentistry.Ê Dentistry becomes a journey of pure pleasure, indulgent, personal - a truly unique approach to dentistry.

Arriving at Gloucester Road, one begins the ultimate journey in patient care.Ê Spacious, minimalist but designed with comfort and warmth in mind, a soothing welcoming space has been created with the utmost care.Ê Relax and escape, Gloucester Road Smile Centre is a sanctuary, a place to regenerate and pamper yourself.

Upon arrival, your senses are stimulated.Ê Gone are any clinical smells, instead candles burn oils tinged with lavender and Geranium, freshly brewed coffee, a fusion of herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices replenish our thirst.ÊÊ A therapist is on hand to offer a full range of treatments from a manicure, pedicure or a quick leg or eye brow wax.Ê Take time out of your busy schedule to indulge in a head or body massage and replenish or detox your body with organic oils.Ê

Rejuvenate, nourish and maintain your well-being with products from the VERDE range.Ê This highly exhilarating range of pure plant preparations (organic botanical extracts, flowers, roots, barks, seeds, leaves and fruit rinds) yield a myriad of benefits and fragrances which will both nourish and calm the body.

Gloucester Road Smile Centre excels in patient care and is headed up by one of the UK’s leading experts in General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Uchenna Okoye.ÊÊ Her team provides a five star service that is tailored solely around the individual.Ê Whether one is looking for a filing or is thinking about transforming their smile, Gloucester Road Smile Centre brings patients the latest Cosmetic Dentistry technology from the USA, such as laser technology and computer imaging.Ê


Upon arrival, each client can relax in the soothing lounge area, where they can sip drinks, check emails or just totally unwind with a book or magazine.Ê After an initial informal consultation with Uchenna and while X-rays are being developed, one can either relax in the lounge again or treat themselves to a beauty treatment.ÊÊ A final consultation with Uchenna discusses your results and treatment options available and it is time for you to book a further appointment - a perfect time to also book in any treatments you may want!

Uchenna and her team offer a unique approach to dentistry and extreme care is taken with patients to allay any fears or concerns they may have.Ê After treatment, Uchenna personally calls all her patients that have undergone an anaesthetic to ensure all is well and they are happy with their treatment.Ê One’s senses are even catered for while undergoing dental treatment, oils burn, you choice of music is played and one can eve chose their favourite movie to watch through the latest surgery movie glasses!

Uchenna has created the ultimate experience in dentistry - a journey of pure pleasure.

Gloucester Road Smile Centre ........ Great Teeth, Great Smile, Great Life

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