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Virgin Blue Welcomes On-time Performance Stats

  Virgin Blue has reaffirmed its position that revealing airline on-time performance (OTP) statistics is a key motivator to exceed global standards. The Australian Department of Transport and Regional Services has published the latest figures, with Virgin Blue being the overall leader over a three month period for on time departures of the network carriers flying to major airports.

For the November, December and January period, Virgin Blue’s average on time performance (OTP) was 87%, compared to its nearest major competitor at 85.9%.

Virgin Blue, Chief Executive, Brett Godfrey, said, “Our OTP in January slipped to 84.4% and while this was a little disappointing, it inspired our team to even greater heights, with our preliminary figures for February OTP coming in at a record 90.6%.”

He added, “This is a huge credit to our team who rose to the occasion to achieve this fantastic milestone and it also demonstrates the motivational impact the OTP system has on Virgin Blue team members.”

The February record came following the completion of the cockpit door enhancement program which saw a spare aircraft out of action during the month of January contributing to the delays during that period.


The efficiency and reliability of the airline’s modern fleet of high-tech 737 aircraft also plays a key role in the airline’s strong on-time performance.