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SOS` Answered Online

Travellers to 80 countries around the world now have the most updated customised and personalised travel information thanks to a new interactive website service created by International SOS, a company that provides corporations with a comprehensive portfolio of medical and security services Offering everything from the latest international news and travel security advisories to vaccination requirements for specific countries and regions, the site can also serve as a secure, confidential and HIPA-compliant repository for medical records.
SOS members can also receive itinerary-specific medical and security reports, assessing current risks in destination countries and offering practical, responsive help to ensure a trip is safely and securely planned.
Online services include advising SOS members on which vaccinations are recommended for particular destinations and comparing travelers` updated medical records to help facilitate compliance. The site also features additional pages covering such everyday travel requirements as currency exchange rates, local weather, local power requirements with illustrations of appropriate adapter plugs, regional news and security alerts prepared from official reports and from the latest intelligence gathered by International SOS global security experts.