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Leah Bracknell - ‘Yoga & You’

Stressed? Lack energy or just no time to spend on yourself?
Escape from your daily pressures and stresses and unwind with
Leah Bracknell.
Busy, working mother of two, Leah Bracknell understands how hard it is to make time for exercise.  Three years ago, she discovered yoga and has been practicing ever since. Leah’s now completed a foundation course by the British Wheel of Yoga as well as training with the British School of Yoga to gain her teaching diploma.  Her passion for yoga has changed her life and she wants to share all this in her new video/DVD - Yoga & You.

Yoga & You features Hatha Yoga and is divided into five sequences including: warm up, sitting and standing postures, breath control and a relaxation.  You can either follow the full programme or tune into a different sequence when you find a spare 15 minutes.

Whilst toning the body and increasing energy levels,  Yoga will help calm the mind and provide relief from daily stresses.  As you progress you’ll gain greater flexibility in your body and mind. 

Filmed on location in Ibiza, every element featured, including the soothing accompanying soundtrack, creates the perfect harmony for you in your home.


Regardless of age or whether you’re a Yoga novice or expert, anyone can escape the daily routine and feel the benefits.  So, if time is against you, find a space to focus on the positive things in life and allow yourself to feel good about you. 

Escape from the pressure and unwind with Leah Bracknell - Yoga & you.

‘Leah Bracknell - Yoga & You’ is released on 29th December and priced at £12.99/video and £17.99 DVD.