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$46 Million Project for Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Resort

R. D. Olson Construction, specialists in hotels, restaurants and country clubs, is to remake the world famous resort. The company has recently broken ground on 165,750 sq-ft of new construction and extensive renovations to the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Resort. This massive overhaul and expansion of the resort will have a project cost of $46 million.

The world-renowned Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Resort, located at 905 Country Club Road, CA. contracted R.D. Olson Construction for the job three years after completing construction of the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Resort’s luxurious 31,000 sq-ft spa.

Irvine-based R.D. Olson Construction, the general contractor of the entire project, will build five sets of villas, each housing 12-20 units. This will add a total of 126 suites. Outdoor construction will include a new golf pro-shop and pool with amenities. The style will be Spanish-colonial, blending with the long-enjoyed flavor of the eighty-year-old resort. The existing villas, home to 206 suites, will also undergo extensive renovation, and whilst mountains already provide the inn and spa with unequalled natural beauty, the construction company will provide landscaping services to enhance the resort’s newest developments.

R. D. Olson Construction has spent the past year providing pre-construction services, readying the resort for its major overhaul. Temporary roadways and infrastructure systems have been put in place in preparation for the improvements.
“The Crown family entrusted R. D. Olson Construction to lead the project team to add on and renovate this historic property,” said Bob Olson, president, R. D. Olson Construction.

The spa, golf course, tennis centre, ranch, stables and many of its suites will remain open during the 18-month renovation and expansion. Completion is set for late 2004.


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