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Natural Spa Phenomenon at Two Bunch Palms Resort

Natural Green Clay and mineral-laden water, exclusive to the Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs, provides an extremely rare source of spa therapy.

An abundance of legends and stories have been told of its restorative and medicinal powers, however, the use of green clay on the body dates back to ancient Egyptian times when warm mud was applied to the Pharaohs’ skin to help soothe muscle tension and facilitate deep relaxation.

Two Bunch Palms’ exclusive mud treatments utilise the holistic green clay that has been soaking in the resort’s own mineral-rich aquifers for millions of years - giving it extraordinary healing properties and the ability to restore the skin balance by drawing out negative toxins and leaving it tighter, smoother and glowing as it helps rejuvenate by exfoliation.

At Two Bunch Palms, mineral-rich earthen clays are made into mud and mud masques that are then applied onto the skin, for health, beauty and spiritual solutions. The Natural Green Clay is used in combination with natural hot mineral water and peat moss to create mud baths, and is the sole ingredient in refined Green Clay Facial and Body Masques.
Other treatments include, Mud & Steam, Mud & Sun, Mud Bath Body and Herbal Wraps, which can be taken in private open-air, individual or tandem baths located in the Clay Cabana.

The qualities of this legendary American resort, also include its unique mineral-laden water, which originates from the hottest artesian mineral well in the world. The pure and virtually odor free water of this natural spa phenomenon cascades up through a deep double geological fault at approximately 148 degrees to nurture this prototypical oasis in the arid Mojave desert.