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World’s First Ever Spa Bedrooms

As part of a massive 12 million pound refurbishment programme, The Fortina Spa Resort in Malta has announced the development of the worldå‘s first ever therapeutic spa bedrooms.

The exclusive resort’s regeneration venture has been in progress since November 2001 and the first part of the project, the new spa equipped by Thermarium, will open this month. Phase two, the unique installation of therapeutic spa bedrooms, will open in June 2003, and it is the exciting development of the 33 spa rooms that will set the Fortina Spa Resort apart in the spa world.

These bedrooms offer a variety of specialised equipment, commissioned and designed exclusively for the Fortina Spa Resort. Features within the luxuriously spacious rooms include colour therapy in the bathrooms and a private whirlpool. There are therapeutic baths providing up to seven spa programmes, plus seaweed, salt and essential oils to enhance the experience. The steam showers, which can accommodate two people, give a high pressure shower massage, together with steam bath, aromatherapy, mud and seaweed therapies, algo, mud and a large range of creams and lotions are also available.

Guests will also discover a Dermalife machine (pictured) in the spa bedrooms, which performs body detoxification therapy using state-of-the-art technology, Hydrofusion. Hydrofusion therapy amalgamates steam with a vibrating massage and Far Infra red with the option of including essential oils. This treatment is ideal to detoxify the body from toxic heavy metals, uric acid, cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, sulphuric acid, sodium and ammonia. This unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat-soluble toxins is not found in the sweat from normal exercise.

The therapeutic spa bedrooms are a true innovation - a first within the spa service industry. This completely new concept enables guests to experience the enjoyment and satisfaction of spa services within the privacy of their own bedroom. In successfully presenting such a unique experience, owner Michael Tabona says of the project, “I wanted to create spa bedrooms because no one else in the world is doing this. I have spent much time researching how best to incorporate spa experiences into the rooms and realised early on that I wanted them to be uncomplicated, so guests could work them after initial guidance from a therapist. It was also important that they were beneficial treatments and not just gimmicks. For these purposes I have had specific equipment manufactured in order to deal with ease-of-use as well as hygiene and sanitation procedures”.


All spa bedrooms have large balconies with sun beds, sixteen of which have a private roof garden with a concentrated seawater swimming pool for personal use. This therapeutic swimming pool is ideal for flotation and there are high-powered massage pumps, which provide a therapeutic seawater massage.

Each of the purpose built 50sqm bedrooms also have a spa for two people with several different programmes and the 100-sqm honeymoon suite has a private pool. All spa rooms have access to the Sante Spa Centre.