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Liquid Oxygen Lifestyle Supplement

Oxygen is being touted as a cure-all for tiredness and numerous niggling health concerns, with many celebrities among its fans, endorsing the concept in all its forms, consumers are now calling for more.
The latest lifestyle supplement to arrive in spas is Cellfood, which promises to provide the benefits of oxygen safely, together with all the nutrients a body needs to truly thrive.

As it is the rogue oxygen molecules, known as free radicals, which are the culprits behind the aging process and a host of degenerative diseases, claims are that this oxygen supplement doesn’t cause free radicals - it in fact eliminates them.

Made from all-natural plant substances, it contains dissolved oxygen, plus 78 major and trace elements, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids to nourish and balance the body at the deepest, cellular level. Its colloidal formulation allows for a highly efficient delivery system, so that the maximum benefits can be quickly utilised by each and every cell.

Uniquely, the oxygen that is released is negatively charged. This bonds with the positively charged free radicals to not only eliminate the dangerous free radicals, but also to supply nascent oxygen to each cell.

Cellfood is a leading, high-performance oxygen and nutritional supplement originally developed by Everett L. Storey (1914-1988) who worked with Albert Einstein on the Manhattan Project.


The benefits of regularly taking Cellfood include:

?Better health.
?Increased levels of oxygen combined with the other important nutrients enable the cells and organs to function properly, so allowing the body to function at its best.
?Increased energy.
?This is one of the most frequently reported benefits of Cellfood and research at the University of Pretoria in South Africa showed that athletes taking it had increased performance.
?Strengthened immunity.
?Cellfood boosts immunity and helps the body to fight infections. In 1991, Dr Aristo Vojdani of Imunosciences Laboratories in the USA observed a significant rise in levels of T-cells (immune cells) with increasing doses of Cellfood.
?Deep Detoxification. 
?The increased levels of oxygen allow the body to oxidize and eliminate toxins more effectively.
?More effective metabolism. 
?The enzymes and amino acids improve the metabolism so that over time it can derive the maximum value from food, other supplements and medicine. (Those taking any prescription medicine should consult their GP before using Cellfood.)
?More mental clarity. 
?Many people taking Cellfood report better levels of concentration.
?Free radical elimination. 
?Free radicals are held as one of the primary causes of aging and some diseases. Unlike other oxygen supplements that increase free radicals, Cellfood helps to eliminate them.

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