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Buy Online With Local Currencies

Tourico Holidays, a Web travel marketplace for tour operator and wholesalers worldwide, is to incorporate E4X`s “TREX” solution onto its Website.
With E4X`s TREX solution, Tourico Holidays will provide the means for its international customers to shop and purchase in their local currencies. By employing E4X`s TREX, Tourico Holidays will have the ability to display final prices - other than US dollars - on its online catalogue in 25 different currencies, enabling tour operators and wholesalers to view and purchase travel and hospitality packages for their businesses in their currency of choice. Continuing to conduct business as usual, Tourico will receive exact final payment in US dollars, based on a guaranteed rate of exchange.
Compatible with all major eCommerce environments, platforms, gateways and payment systems, E4X`s TREX solution eliminates all currency risks, costs and hassles typically associated with selling in foreign currencies. Easy to integrate, the offering provides Tourico Holidays with a cost-effective method to sell online in multiple currencies.
The E4X TREX solution also offers numerous customised features including the ability to fix prices across currencies for any interval of time (days, weeks, months, year) and price differentiate by currency, according to seasons and specials.
Access to Tourico Holidays site is restricted to authourised agents only.