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BTN Spa of the Week: Ark Spa Wimbledon

BTN Spa of the Week: Ark Spa Wimbledon

The Wimbledon Ark Spa is one of four spas in London owned by Ark Spas. The high street brand accessible to everyone, offering everything from posh polishes, a pampered hour away from it all, or just the all-important general maintenance every girl has to try to find time to fit in. Mary Aziz went to find out

The Ark Spa specialises in the unique Dermalogica range, so I visited its Wimbledon Common branch to see what it was about this collaboration that has created such a reputation of great results.

The salon hails the mantra “to enhance the flow of life energy” and its serene location in this quaint village is the perfect picturesque setting for such life energy to flow. It is sandwiched between quaint shops aimed at the busy mother in a town that perfectly combines a mix of old worldly charm with everything the modern woman who has it all could need on her doorstep.

The Dermalogica range famously has a product for every ailment and the facial doesn’t disappoint. The facial provides cleaning that really gets deep down and makes you feel it. The therapist explains every step of the way what she is doing without baffling you with science, from the exfoliating scrubs that make your skin tingle with refreshing cleanliness to youthful serums and deep moisturizing masks that get to work as you relax and receive surprisingly effective stress relieving hand massages.

The main difference with this facial comes in the form of deep down extractions on those blemishes your face can certainly live without. Your skin is first prepped with a serum to that makes the effecting process less painful as it is steamed with what feels like a large kettle to open the pours right up for expulsion of any nasty clogged up grime.


As with any high-end spa products it’s all too easy to come home with a very light feeling wallet but the Dermalogica product really do get the job done and are extremely good value for money. The products work especially well when you allow them to work along side of each other combating any problems the unique facial mapping service has bought up.

The facial is unique in that it not only supplies the remedies but gives you a clearly explained diagnosis of the problems your skin is experiencing. With that in mind the results are well worth the spending plus in the long run tend to work out more economical than facials that are simply a pampering luxury.