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Brits urged to flee Yemen as situation deteriorates

Brits urged to flee Yemen as situation deteriorates

The Foreign Office has urged all remaining British travellers still in Yemen to leave as soon as possible.

A decision to evacuate was taken as the political situation in the Middle Eastern destination continues to deteriorate.

The situation in the country remains “volatile”, said the Foreign Office, with a high possibility of violent demonstrations later today - Friday April 1st.

Routes in and out of Sana’a and the other major cities may be blocked and airports closed or inaccessible.

“Our current ability to provide consular assistance is limited,” said the Foreign Office.

“If you do not leave the country now, whilst commercial carriers are still flying, it is highly unlikely that the British government will be able to evacuate you or provide consular assistance, in the event of a further deterioration of the security situation.

“You should therefore plan accordingly.”

Protests in recent weeks have brought the 32-year rule of president Ali Abdullah Saleh -pictured - to the verge of collapse.

Protests have seen dozens of people killed in recent weeks, most notably on March 18th when 52 people were killed at a single demonstration.

UK citizens have been advised against travel to Yemen since March 4th and urged to leave immediately since March 12th.