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British Airways introduces mindfulness practices to promote healthy flying

British Airways introduces mindfulness practices to promote healthy flying

British Airways today introduced its Mindfulness for Travel series to provide fliers with meditation techniques for a relaxed and positive state of mind. The initiative was developed for the launch of British Airways’ new Airbus A380 service between San Francisco and London.

The A380 was the inspiration for Mark Coleman, Founder of the Mindfulness Institute in San Francisco, who collaborated with British Airways to create mindfulness practices for pre-flight, mid-flight and pre-arrival purposes. The videos are available onboard British Airways’ new aircraft as well as at Coleman is also working with local British Airways employees to share techniques on integrating mindfulness into work and life.

Mark Coleman stated, “Embracing the spirit of travel involves living fully in the moment, which can be cultivated through mindfulness practice. The video series I created in partnership with British Airways will help travelers develop the clarity, calm and focus necessary to get the most out of their travel experiences.”

Sean Doyle, Americas Executive Vice President, British Airways, said, “At British Airways we design the flying experience to maximize our customers’ time, whether they want to work, rest or be entertained. Introducing mindfulness practices allows customers and our employees to be at their best and be ready for the next part of their journey.”

The A380 is optimized for wellness, with quiet, spacious cabins and an advanced cabin air conditioning system that allows 15 different temperature control zones and cabin air that is changed every three minutes. Along with the mindfulness practices, the advanced personal inflight entertainment system features well-being exercises, therapeutic audio playlists and a Flying with Confidence video.


In a recent Twitter survey1 about personal flying habits, U.S. travelers revealed that listening to music or podcasts are the most popular way to achieve relaxation during a flight. Focusing on the view out of the window and adopting a positive attitude were also some of the top tips shared by fliers.