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British Airways Boeing dream

British Airways Boeing dream

As the Boeing 787 makes its first international appearance at the Farnborough Air Show,  preparations for the aircraft to enter the British Airways fleet are well underway.

British Airways has ordered 24 of the new aircraft which will join its longhaul fleet from 2012.

The aircraft are 30 per cent more fuel efficient than the Boeing 767s they will replace and make only a quarter of the noise of a Boeing 747. They will be powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines.

Jonathan Counsell, British Airways’ head of environment, said: “We are committed to addressing our impact on climate change.  Adopting new technology is one of the ways in which we are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.  The 787s we have ordered are not only more fuel efficient than the aircraft they will replace, but they also produce nearly half the amount of nitrogen dioxide emissions.”

The BA design team is already working on developing the 787’s interior which will have a premium feel throughout the cabin. The design will be inspired by the airline’s rich heritage, but with a contemporary feel which will include environmentally driven design initiatives.


The airline’s flight operations and engineering teams are evaluating innovative systems to ensure they can take every advantage of the aircraft’s improved efficiencies. Work has started to upgrade the airline’s engineering hangars in order to maintain the aircraft.