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Booming medical tourism in India

Booming medical tourism in India

India is one of the most lucrative medical tourism markets in the world. Driven by factors, such as government support through policies and initiatives, low cost, less waiting time, healthcare infrastructure, and rich cultural heritage, the country has witnessed a remarkable growth during the recent past. Though smaller in size compared to the developed countries, Indian medical tourism sector is enjoying splendid developments at the regional and national level. Further, the country holds enormous potential for future growth and development.

Moreover, wellness tourism is a fast emerging segment in the Indian medical tourism industry. It is observed that, wellness has been the USP of Indian tourism, which can be fully leveraged by creating good quality unique travel experiences on an emotional, physical, intellectual, and even spiritual level. Moreover, the Ministry of Tourism is aiming at leveraging India’s potential in traditional systems of wellness and medicines, such as Ayurveda, Siddha, and Yoga to project the country as a unique destination for spiritual healing.
To provide better healthcare services, the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model has been adopted by the Indian government at both the central level and the state level. The model seeks to improve healthcare infrastructure through expertise of private sector and better support of public sector. Moreover, we have found that, regulatory structure related to medical tourism industry has been quite liberal and supportive. The country has allocated good budgetary amounts for various policies and initiatives.

“Booming Medical Tourism in India” provides a thorough analysis of the current market performance and future outlook of the Indian medical tourism industry. It acknowledges the fact that, India differs vastly from other destinations in terms of cost, infrastructure, human resources, patient perceptions, competencies, and the level of government support. All these factors have been thoroughly studied in the report. Overall, the report provides valuable information to clients looking to venture into these markets and helps them in devising strategies, while going for an investment/partnership in India.

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