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Bespoke Travel Group rebrands as Humboldt

Bespoke Travel Group rebrands as Humboldt

The Bespoke Travel Group, the company behind luxury travel brands Bespoke Brazil and Bespoke Latin America, has rebranded under the name Humboldt.

The travel company, which specialises in luxurious tailor-made packages to Latin America, have changed their identity to exemplify the adventurous and exclusive nature of their products, as they expand into other parts of the world.

“We deliver a unique travel experience which blends culture, local knowledge and luxury,” said Simon Williams, founder and director of Humboldt.

“We needed a brand which better communicates these qualities to discerning travellers looking to explore new horizons in way they’ll remember forever.”

Since their establishment in 2011, the Bespoke Travel Group has gained a strong reputation and loyal customer base for their individual five-star packages to Brazil and South America.


The name Humboldt was chosen to encompass the seasoned traveller looking to experience new countries in luxury.

Inspiration was taken from the explorer Alexander von Humboldt who extensively travelled South America in the nineteenth century and was one of the first to publish his discoveries from a modern scientific point of view.

“Alexander von Humboldt was one of the most influential explorers, naturalists and geographers of his time” continued Simon.

“His passion for discovering new lands and cultures fits perfectly with our ethos.

“The name itself conveys a quality and heritage which fits well alongside the luxury brands our customers enjoy.”

Featuring a copper sextant to represent discovery, the new brand identity will allow the company to continue their expansion into other areas of the world.

To develop the brand, the Norfolk-based company employed Full Mix Marketing.