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Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden, Copenhagen awarded Green Globe certification

Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden, Copenhagen awarded Green Globe certification

Green Globe announced certification of the Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen, Denmark. Following the Hotel Guldsmeden holistic group philosophy, this property has been demonstrating responsible tourism for years, and is continuously committed to looking for ways to minimize the impact on the environment.

“We are very proud to earn the prestigious Green Globe Certification and international recognition,” said Nikolas Hall, owner of the Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen, “Hotel Guldsmeden is an organic entity with a strong focus on sustainability. As the global situation changes, people redefine their needs and new technology offers new possibilities. It is our objective to increase awareness among staff and guests, and we have been placing social and environmental values at the center of all our action.”

The Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden implemented a Sustainability Management Plan in which energy goals are strictly monitored. Electricity is supplied by “Natur Energi” and comes from 100% sustainable sources. In addition, there are plans to install solar and small wind power mills on the rooftop. The property’s zero-impact policy encourages guests to support a carbon-neutral stay and to minimize their environmental footprint. Cleaning of bed linen and bathrooms are provided on request, all cleaning products are non-toxic and eco-labeled. Packaging is reduced to a minimum and suppliers adhering to sustainable and fair trade practices are given preference. Ninety-six percent of all food and drink served at the hotel is organic.

The Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden is a member of “Go Green,” a local Danish initiative, producing maps with listings of green choices for tourists and visitors.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, said: “We are extremely pleased to certify the Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen. So far, 2 hotels in Copenhagen are certified, the Axel and the Carlton, and we are currently in the process of certifying all Guldsmeden properties. The Bertrams Hotel offers a 360-degree sustainable experience, and I am impressed with the energy and ongoing commitment by management and staff.”