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Benefits of renting a vehicle for summer travel

Benefits of renting a vehicle for summer travel

A recent survey found that more than 75% of summer leisure travelers are planning to drive to their destination this summer, driving an average of 689 miles round-trip. In fact, this past Independence Day, AAA forecasted roughly 35 million travelers traveled by automobile, the highest level since 2007.

Although driving may seem like the cheaper option, driving your own vehicle may not be. Following are some key benefits to renting for road trips we’ve complied from several key Hertz experts:

·      It’s more cost effective. Rental car costs come to roughly .25 cents/mile, compared to roughly .60 cents/mile when driving your own vehicle. And rental costs can be even lower – for example, Hertz offers great deals and promotions every month to give travelers the best rates possible.

·      The wear and tear on your costly tires from driving on rough terrain for hours at a time can be eliminated completely. This also goes for the inevitable bumps and bruises on your vehicle that can happen when traveling often.

·      Renting gives you the option of having a vehicle that meets your trips needs – whether it is a SUV or van to provide space and comfort on family road trips, or a sleek convertible for a couple enjoying a memorable getaway. Hertz has more than X different vehicles for rent in its fleet, from Ford Explorers to Mercedes, Porsches, Chevy Spark EVs and more.


·      You won’t have to rack up hundreds of miles on your vehicle, ultimately extending its life expectancy. And if you only want to travel one-way, renting is a great, flexible option.

·      It’s easy and convenient. People may not like the idea of renting because they think it’s a hassle. But Hertz actually guarantees quickness, ease and convenience for its customers. From ExpressRent Kiosks that accelerate the rental process, to Carfirmations text/SMS service that confirms your vehicle and allows you to instantly upgrade, to its enrollment and e-Return, the fastest way to get customers in their vehicles and when they return, back on their way home.