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BART phasing out paper discount tickets, holding Clipper outreach events

BART phasing out paper discount tickets, holding Clipper outreach events

If you already have a Clipper card, add cash and use your card on BART. For your convenience, you can load value onto your card at ticket vending machines in any BART station. Tag your card to the disk and follow the on-screen instructions, then don’t forget to tag your card to the disk again to load value and go. You don’t need tickets anymore. No small leftover values to consolidate, and magnets are your friend again.  When you get to the fare gate, tag, open and go!  To get the high value discount, sign up for autoload at Pick your payment method and link it to your Clipper card.

If you have a RTC identification card, you are ready for smooth sailing on BART. Your ID card is already a Clipper card. Go to a ticket vending machine and load your fare onto the card. No more red tickets!

Need a card?  BART staff will be at outreach events to hand out adult cards and to dispense senior cards to eligible customers 65 years and older.  Children 12 years and younger can bring their applications (signed by a parent or guardian) with appropriate identification and our staff will validate the information and get a youth card sent to the listed address.  No need for red or green tickets anymore.  Best of all, you will always be able to travel at the discounted rate because as long as you have your card, you can add fare to it at any station.

For infrequent riders and out of town guests, the My Transit Plus locations in our Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell St, Civic Center, Bayfair, Walnut Creek, Richmond, and Coliseum Stations will continue selling red and green tickets indefinitely.  Guests coming in through the San Francisco Airport can buy red and green tickets from the ticket retailer in front of the SFO BART Station or take the Airtrain to “International G”.  And the Customer Services Center at Lake Merritt will also have red and green tickets for purchase in-person or by mail.

For your convenience it is time to get a Clipper card—paper discount tickets will be mostly phased out, other than the exceptions outlined above, after Dec. 31, 2011.