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Bahrain Air rolls out Loyalty Rewards Programme

Bahrain Air officially launched a new innovative loyalty rewards programme which will enable frequent fliers to submit boarding card stubs in return for complimentary tickets.

Known as the “Loyalty Rewards Programme”, the initiative came into effect from January 1st, 2012 as is offered to all Bahrain Airs’ frequent fliers.

Mr. Naeem Mahamoor, Manager Marketing of Bahrain Air commented: “Our main focus is to deliver a simple and effective rewards programme for loyal patrons of Bahrain Air. We activated this programme in August 2011 for the traveling public in Bahrain as a pilot project, and are now confident and pleased to launch the rewards programme for valued frequent fliers throughout our entire route network.”

In order to earn complimentary tickets passengers flying Bahrain Air need only collect 7 Bahrain Air boarding pass stubs that they have purchased and flown in their own name, which will entitle them to a one way complimentary ticket. 11 boarding pass stubs will earn frequent fliers a return ticket to any Bahrain Air destination. All complimentary tickets exclude relevant taxes.

The class of travel, whether it be premium class or economy class for the complimentary air tickets will be determined as per the boarding stub classes of travel redeemed. Passengers can redeem their tickets by submitting their boarding stubs at any Bahrain Air office.


Mr. Richard Nuttall, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Air notes: “We have been planning the international launch of this programme for some time and the beginning of 2012 seemed appropriate to show our loyal customers that their patronage and trust is greatly appreciated.”