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Australia’s Nature Coast pushes for growth in UK market

Australia’s Nature Coast pushes for growth in UK market

Sunshine Coast Destination and Fraser Coast Opportunities continue to join forces and will expand their marketing push of Australia’s Nature Coast into the UK, a key international market for both regions.

Just over 12 months old, the ANC initiative is designed to showcase the environmental assets of the neighbouring regions, in order to increase international appeal.

Rolling out a major campaign in Germany last year, the concept has been a knock out and has recorded over $4 million dollars in media coverage.

Building on the work to date, the group is confident that its natural attractions, vibrant food scene, ideal climate and easy access from Brisbane, Hervey Bay and Sunshine Coast Airports, will make it increasingly attractive as a world class eco-destination to the UK traveller.

Chief executive of Sunshine Coast Destination, Simon Ambrose, said showcasing the natural attractions was critical for the region to attract a greater share of international visitors.

He added: “Australia’s Nature Coast brings together the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast to better promote what is one of Australia’s most attractive and outstanding coastline destinations.

“International visitors don’t think along council lines, they think in terms of destinations, and we believe that we can be far more effective in attracting new international visitors if we join forces to promote the wider destination.”

The strategy follows insights from Tourism Australia’s international consumer research project which showed that one of Australia’s key strengths is its world class nature.

According to the research, 56 per cent of long haul travellers are ‘passionate’ about, and motivated to travel by, nature-based activities.

In order to increase awareness as a destination and raise the profile of nature tourism product, Sunshine Coast Destination and Fraser Coast Opportunities representatives will work with Tourism and Events Queensland and this month attend Queensland on Tour Europe, launch ANC with trade partners in the UK and finalise in-market campaigns.