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Australia opens doors to British migrant workers

Australia opens doors to British migrant workers

The Australian government has confirmed it will reduce the current “pass mark” for British citizens looking to get a visa to migrate down under.

The current mark for points tested skilled migrants is 65, but this will be reduced to 60 in an effort by the Australian department of immigration to attract more skilled workers from Britain.

Paul Arthur, director of leading migration specialists the Emigration Group, explained: “Australia is conducting one of its biggest migration drives in 40 years and the reduction of the pass mark is part of this initiative, which will make it easier for Brits to get a visa to live and work down under.”

This is just one of a number of reforms being put in place which will come into force on the July 1st.

Another major change will be the creation of the SkillSelect scheme.

Under this new scheme it will be easier for Brits to apply for a visa even if they don’t have an employer to sponsor them. 

Migrants will have to complete an Expression of Interest and will then be assessed on their skills and attributes and those with the required skills will be invited to submit a skilled visa application.