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AACO annual general meeting draws to close in Doha

The Arab Air Carriers Organisation annual general meeting has concluded in Doha, Qatar, with the presentation of a series of key resolutions.

The event gathered more than 300 delegates from member airlines, AACO partner airlines and industry partners.

The AGM also welcomed the Arab Civil Aviation Commission, the International Air Transport Association, a number of regional airline associations, the European Commission, and the Federal Aviation Agency.

Mohammed El Alj, director general of the Arab Civil Aviation Commission, presented a keynote address about the common issues between AACO and ACAC in the fields of aeropolitics, relations between the Arab world and the EU, air safety, environment, and air navigation issues, whereby the two organisations have cooperated throughout the years in order to achieve benefits in these areas to the Arab air transport industry.

Breaking Travel News reports from the AACO AGM in Doha

The AACO also adopted three resolutions during the event:

  • Aviation and the Environment: AACO 46th AGM welcomed the resolution adopted by ICAO 38th Assembly on Aviation and Climate Change and called upon the European Commission to go back to the global consensus that took place during the ICAO assembly and to respect the principles contained in the resolution therein. The AGM also directed AACO Environmental Policy Group and the Secretariat General to continue the good work done in this area in cooperation with ACAC and Arab authorities concerned as well as IATA and other stakeholders.
  • Proliferation of Consumer Rights Regimes: AACO 46th AGM called upon governments to review the current regulations on consumer rights and work in ICAO with a view to harmonise them and remove the unnecessary and harmful burden that is being put on airlines and consumers.
  • Air traffic management and airspace capacity in the Arab world: AACO 46th AGM called upon Arab governments to provide the same level of attention to the development of air traffic management and airspace capacity in the Arab world, and invited them to work on an urgent development plan with regards to air congestion that is starting to manifest in some parts of the Arab airspace. Furthermore, the AGM directed AACO to collaborate with ACAC, IATA, ICAO and CANSO to identify priorities and formulate implementation plans in order to develop the airspace capacity in line with the regional studies conducted by those organisations.