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Americans choose travel as the ultimate life goal

Americans choose travel as the ultimate life goal

If Americans could only accomplish one goal in their lifetime, nearly three-quarters would choose a travel-related goal, according to a survey commissioned by Princess Cruises. And of those Americans with a "bucket list," a surprising majority (61%) still expects to cross something off their list by the end of the year despite the madness of the holiday season.

The recent survey polled 1,000 Americans and examined how travel plays a part in bucket list goals, including New Year's resolutions for 2012. Other findings include:

Travel is Tops

If Americans could only accomplish one goal in their lifetime, 72% would choose a travel goal. Other popular goals included professional (15%) and academic (7%), while surprisingly few named fitness (5%) as a life objective.

New Year's Resolutions – 2012 Optimism


early half (46%) of Americans plan on making a New Year's resolution, and among these physical health (73%) and financial health (42%) are top picks, and more than one-third of Americans plan to make a travel-related resolution (37%). Of those surveyed, it looks like 2012 will be successful for many, with 92% saying they think they'll fulfill their New Year's resolution next year.

Dream Big

You don't have to be ready to kick the bucket to consider what you want to get done in your lifetime. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans have a list of places they want to go and things they want to do before they die. More surprising, younger Americans are really embracing the lists. Americans ages 18-34 (70%) are more likely to have a bucket list than those ages 35 and older (63%).

We're All in This Together

Sometimes having loved ones by your side can kick-start motivation. Two out of five (40%) Americans with bucket lists think having a friend or family member along for the ride would make it easier to cross items off their list. Who do most travel-hungry Americans want by their side? Results show 67% want their significant other as their travel companion, followed by their children (32%), friends (31%), parents (23%) and siblings (22%).

Planning is Key to Crossing Off

What's the key to crossing things off a bucket list? Roughly half (46%) of Americans think having a concrete plan to cross one item per year off their list is the best strategy to move through their lists. Other helpful approaches include partnering with a friend or family member (40%) or making a private list (27%), while making a public list such as on a social media site (10%) seems the least helpful.

Sharing is Caring

What do you do when your significant other's list differs from yours? When crossing items off their bucket lists, 63% of those with a significant other would alternate items on their list with items on their significant other's list. Less popular choices include doing whichever is least expensive (12%), doing whichever is easiest (11%), doing items from each list separately (8%), or doing something entirely different that's not on either list (6%).

"It's no surprise that travel tops Americans' bucket list of life goals because we know that travel experiences often create our most meaningful life memories," said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises executive vice president. "So as people gear up to make their resolutions for the new year, we're ready to help inspire their choices, wherever they may wish to go in the world."