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American Airlines introduces new ad campaign

American Airlines introduces new ad campaign

American Airlines today launches a new broadcast advertising campaign focused on the airline’s effort to create a seamless travel experience for its customers. Each ad communicates the message that American Airlines and its innovative products and services enable the modern traveler to, “Fly without putting your life on pause. Be yourself nonstop.”

“Our objective with these ads is to convey the ongoing focus we have on our customers’ travel experience, including the many ways our most well-traveled customers stay connected throughout the travel process with American’s products and services,” said Rob Friedman, American’s Vice President - Marketing. “The ads are permeated with optimism to resemble the travel experiences of our most frequent customers, who are power users of cutting-edge tools like our mobile boarding pass, inflight Wi-Fi, flight status notification and Priority Access—all of which simplify travel from start to finish by continuously moving customers forward in their journey.”

The campaign launches today with the commercial entitled “After School,” and features a mother engaging in conversation with her daughter about her day at school. Through the use of special effects and seamless transitions, the audience comes to realize the mother is actually flying on an American flight using inflight Wi-Fi, making it possible to stay connected to her daughter’s life. An additional commercial, “Scuba,” will launch next week, and features a couple enjoying a scuba excursion during their vacation. Special effects reveal the couple is actually moving through the airport and boarding experience with the same amount of ease they enjoyed on their scuba dive.

Modern special effects were used to give the ads a contemporary, cutting edge feel. Shot on-location in the Bahamas and Los Angeles, post-production special effects matched the lead characters’ experiences in their personal lives to their onboard experience. These special effects and seamless transitions required extensive use of a motion-control camera and digital production.

American enlisted the expertise of renowned director Gerard de Thame, of Believe Media, Los Angeles, to shoot the commercials on-location. Absolute Post, of London and New York, developed the post-production special effects at Sunset Gower Stages in Hollywood, Calif.


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