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Amadeus brings global connectivity to Baku, Azerbaijan

Amadeus brings global connectivity to Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan and its capital Baku are seeking to grow global connectivity.

Modern airport and airline infrastructure are a key part of this, enabling business travellers, as well as tourists, to visit the central Asian country. 

In line with this drive for global connectivity, Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku has partnered with Amadeus to implement its core airport management systems.

At the same time, national flag carrier Azerbaijan Airlines is implementing Amadeus Altéa Passenger Service Systems and Revenue Management solutions.

With regards to Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Amadeus’ Airport IT technology include all its core airport management systems such as an operational database, resource management and flight information display systems.


The airport will also deploy its key passenger processing systems using Amadeus’ cloud-based Airport Common Use Service.

The move represents the first time an airport has relied on the cloud to deliver all its core systems. 

The implementation of these new airport systems will enable world-class operations at Baku’s international airport with all actors now working from a single, consistent view of operations without the need for manual updates.

What’s more, when it comes to serving passengers the more efficient common use service is delivered from the cloud, meaning Baku can flexibly scale passenger processing services up or down depending on demand, and is also equipped for innovative new approaches such as off-site check-in.

Bruno Spada, executive vice president, airport IT at Amadeus, explained: “We believe that forward thinking airports such as Heydar Aliyev International demonstrate the significant integration, collaboration and mobility benefits the cloud can deliver.

“Successfully working with Baku to manage both its passenger and operational systems in the cloud is a landmark for Amadeus in the airport industry.”

For airlines, passenger service systems are also mission critical.

Azerbaijan Airline’s signature for the Amadeus Altéa PSS will allow the airline to streamline its reservation, inventory, departure control and ticketing systems.

The Amadeus Altéa Suite will enable the airline to deliver a more consistent and personalized customer service, pursue additional revenue generating opportunities, and improve operational efficiency.

In addition, the airline has signed for Amadeus Altéa Revenue Management, a solution which draws on real-time data from multiple sources and AI-based forecasting techniques in order to provide faster, more accurate and intelligent recommendations on the best price and packaging of airline offers.

With this solution, Azerbaijan Airlines will be able to sell the right seat, for the right price, to the right customer, thus capitalizing on increased demand and maximizing revenue.

Jahangir Asgerov, chief executive of Azerbaijan Airlines, said: “We are eager to accelerate travel growth in Azerbaijan and technology allows us to do just this.

“Our partnership with Amadeus will help us develop new revenue streams and improve operational efficiencies.

“Most importantly though, it will enable an improved experience for our customers, throughout their entire journey.”