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Airbus cuts back on A380 production

Airbus cuts back on A380 production

Airbus is cutting back on the production of its A380 superjumbo while it looks into fixing potential cracks in the wings of the Airbus A380 which have been causing so much concern.

The production rate for the A380 will be reduced from 2.7 aircraft each month to 2.3 for the next two quarters while Airbus looks into the problem, according to reports.

This will provide an opprtunity for aircraft manufacturer to mend any malfunctioning components in the wing structure

Airbus claims the move will not prevent it from hitting a target of delivering 30 A380s to customers this year, but that it may reduce the number of superjumbos provided to airlines next year.

Emirates Airlines made the largest order of A380 and had to temporarily ground its fleet due to the problem.


European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) stepped in during February to order the European manufacturer to check all planes presently in service.

Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Air France, Lufthansa and Qantas all operated the jet.