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Air India moves towards cost efficiencies with new technology deal

Air India moves towards cost efficiencies with new technology deal

Air India, India’s national flag carrier, has teamed with Sabre Airline Solutions tacevnpatnaefcIci ikeaiinfetis  aido me st�ffie.
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The Sabre Integ2ated Operations Control Centre (IOCC) and dedicated hub control centre gives Air India an automatic decision aid, m!king recovery from any irregularities €� whether a flight diversion mr delay – smooth and efficient.

“Air India is now 100 percent focused on cost efficiencies. Sabre approached us with innovative ideas and solutions to ensure we achieve those goals. We are confident the Sabre team has not just the technology but the know-how to make it all happen for us,” said Arvind Jadhav, chairman and managing director of Air India.

With these new systems in place, Air India customers can look forward to increased efficiencies, minimal disruptions, enhanced punctuality and passenger connections, and better scheduling.

The upcoming Commonwealth Games in October in New Delhi was also an impetus for the technology investment.


“India is very proud to be hosting the Commonwealth Games this year. As the country’s flag carrier, Air India is determined to present its best and help make the event a resounding success. With the automated hub and operations control system in place, Air India will surely be in a better position to handle the high traffic inflow that is expected for the games,” said K.M. Unni, head of MRO (Airframe) and engineering and member of the board of directors of Air India.

“Sabre has already begun work at Air India, putting in place solutions that will engineer Air India’s operations to efficient precision. Network planning and scheduling, operations and hub control, and crew management will be fully automated by Sabre’s technology, thus allowing the airline to provide the care and service their customers will demand at the front end,” said Vish Viswanathan, vice president, South Asia, Sabre Airline Solutions.

The Sabre AirCentre Flight forms the backbone of the entire fleet operation, providing an easy way to monitor and schedule daily flight operations and notifies of impending operations issues before they become problems. The Sabre AirCentre Crew enables airlines to efficiently plan and manage their crew operations. From planning and bidding to crew rosters and pairing, the solution enables airlines to effectively plan their crew operations, taking into account crew training and qualification requirements.

The Sabre AirVision suite not only helps in the complex decision making processes when formulating an airline schedule, but will also optimise it. Using complex algorithms and high-level operational research techniques, the suite analyzes data from the airline, and from other sources, to make informed forecasts about the profitability of the schedule.

It makes optimum usage of the fleet, and can also assist in the assignment of slots.

Air India is administered under the National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL). Under its wings are also Air India Express and Air India Cargo. Together, the group services 370 flights daily to 60 destinations with hubs in Mumbai and New Delhi.