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AG Hallenstadion Zurich: first event venue in Switzerland earns Green Globe Re-Certification

AG Hallenstadion Zurich: first event venue in Switzerland earns Green Globe Re-Certification

Green Globe announced re-certification of the AG Hallenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland. Since its initial certification in 2010, the AG Hallenstadion Zurich has demonstrated leadership in the fields of operational efficiency and social responsibility and is committed to looking for ways to minimize the environmental impact.

“We are very proud to earn the prestigious Green Globe Re-Certification,” said Felix Frei, Director at AG Hallenstadion Zurich, “Living in times of constant economic and ecological changes, it is important to conduct business in a socially- and ecologically-responsible way, promoting awareness among employees and clients and within the community. We created a special Green Team, consisting of employees from different departments, to continuously improve our sustainability policy.”

The AG Hallenstadion Zurich implemented a Sustainability Management System, environmental goals, and operational performance is strictly monitored. Electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, such as hydro, solar, biomass, and wind, and the property is labeled “naturmade.” The purchasing policy favors environmentally-friendly products for building materials, capital goods, food, and consumables. Packaging is reduced to a minimum, and local suppliers are given preference. Clients are invited to arrive by train and event tickets include public transportation. Working with Swiss non-profit foundation “my climate,” the Hallenstadion offers a number of options for carbon-neutral events.

The AG Hallenstadion is a member of “Pro Natura,” a private non-profit organization supporting a sustainable policy in all nature-related fields. In cooperation with other national and international environmental organizations “Pro Natura” manages, protects, and creates nature reserves worldwide.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, commented: “We are extremely pleased to award re-certification to the AG Hallenstadion in Zurich. This venue impresses with an innovative approach to be 100% eco-friendly, and complies with a very high percentage against our Green Globe Certification criteria.”