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ABB to exhibit rail offering at key event in Brisbane, Australia

ABB to exhibit rail offering at key event in Brisbane, Australia

Mincom’s software solutions have made a valuable contribution to ABB’s portfolio, helping to meet the needs of customers by enabling more complete solutions, ranging from asset and work management for municipal transport authorities to process optimization for mining operations including exploration, logistics and sales. Focusing on the needs of asset-intensive organizations, Mincom solutions optimize critical operations and have contributed to a large number of projects, including public infrastructure works around the world.

For example, a recent project for the Fort Worth transport Authority (known as the “T”), in the US state of Texas, saw the upgrade of an existing Mincom system to the new release of Mincom Ellipse, Mincom’s flagship software solution for enterprise asset and work management, human resources, financial processes and supply chain management.

By upgrading to the newest version of Mincom Ellipse, the T was able to further optimize the entire asset lifecycle of its equipment and infrastructure. The company uses buses, van pools and their portion of a joint-owned commuter railroad, which includes five train stations, to deliver almost 9 million passenger trips each year. Coupled with running a central maintenance facility, a downtown intermodal transportation center, a bus transfer center, and some 2,500 active bus stops and service stations, not to mention 500 staff, the T faces some significant logistical challenges.

In addition to upgrading its asset management software, the T will continue to use the full suite of Mincom Ellipse Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. This solution suite includes applications such as Intelligent Workforce Deployment for staff administration processes, Financial Management to monitor financial transactions, and Supply Chain Management to track critical inventory and ensure that maintenance operations have the parts they need on time and in the right place.