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AA plane lands at Heathrow after problems

AA plane lands at Heathrow after problems

An American Airlines which was experiencing technical difficulties has landed safely at London Heathrow.

Flight AA121, which was en route to New York, circled for two hours in a loop at 10,000 feet over central south Wales, according to reports.

An American Airlines statement said: “Our flight 121 from Paris to New York will be landing at Heathrow for small mechanical repair to a cockpit instrument. It is circling to burn-off fuel so that it will not be overweight when it lands at Heathrow. There is no poroblem with the landing gear.”

The plane left Charles de Gaulle Airport at 1437 BST and landed at Heathrow three-and-a-half hours later. It is expected to arrive in New York, JFK at 16:15.