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2 new metro lines in Santiago in Chile

2 new metro lines in Santiago in Chile

Following an international call for tenders, the Santiago metro operator, METRO S.A., has chosen SYSTRA to assist it with the design, works and commissioning of 2 new lines, line 3 and line 6, which will be built underground and will be fully automatic. Contract started on March 1st, 2012.

Line 3, which will be 22.1 km in length and have 18 stations, will run from Américo Vespucio to Tobalaba/Larrain. Line 6 will extend for 15.3 km with 10 stations, linking Pedro Aguirre Cerda and Los Leones.

The contract to provide technical assistance will cover all systems and rolling stock. It is due to last 6 years and will be divided into two phases. In the first phase, to last one year, SYSTRA has to carry out the basic design for the two lines. The second 5-year phase covers assistance with the awarding of contracts, review of construction design studies, supervision of works, testing and assistance with commissioning of the two lines.

To fulfil this role, SYSTRA is in partnership with its Chilean subsidiary. A team of ten people will be set up in Santiago and in total more than 45 people will be involved in this contract.

The Santiago metro network in Chile currently consists of 5 lines (lines 1,2,4,4A and 5). Since the first studies we carried out in the Sixties, we have assisted METRO S.A. with the design and construction of the entire network for the Chilean capital.