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Why is the UK a Gambling hotspot?

Why is the UK a Gambling hotspot?

Although only a small place relative to many others around the world, the UK is one of the biggest gambling hotspots.

There are many reasons for this, the quality of sport on offer, the number of big annual live events and the history that people living there have had with gambling.

This started with betting shops on the high street and although those still exist, most of the gambling in the UK is now completed online via either a computer or a mobile betting app.

Many in the UK will tune into live sport, or maybe even attend themselves and when they do, placing a wager is the natural thing to do.

For some people around the world, that may seem a little odd but to those in the UK, this is simply part of life for them.

Strong Connection with Sports That Have Gambling at the Heart
While you can bet on pretty much every sporting event that takes place, there are only a couple that actually have gambling at the center of them.

These are sports that exist because of gambling, horse racing and greyhound racing. Both of these are hugely successful in the UK, horse racing especially, and pretty much every fan of these sports is one because they gamble on them.

On top of this, sports like football have become incredibly popular betting sports, and football is the biggest gambling sports in the world.

With a huge league like the Premier League being in the UK, some of the best football in the world is right on the doorstep for UK punters to watch and bet on.

Gambling on Sport Passed Down Through Generations
Many new gamblers in the UK will have heard of their family betting in the past.

Whether it is a trip to the local betting shop to bet on the FA Cup final or a regular lucky 15 on the horses, people will know others that currently bet, or did in the past.

This shows people that it is not something new, and that the UK has a history of gambling that involves most people.

Those betting in the past did so in betting shops, but many new punters turn to the internet to place their bets. The free bet promotions at are the main reason why, because online bookmakers have fantastic offers that punters can use.

With so many bookmakers to choose from, all having free bet offers, you no longer need to rely on your local betting shop as the only way to place a wager in the UK.

Quality of Live Sport on Offer is Something Few Countries Can Compete With
We’ve already mentioned how much sport there is in the UK and how popular gambling sports take place here, and it is the sheer volume of big live events that tops it off.

From major golf with The Open to Wimbledon and international cricket, the country has great diversity. These events all take place every single year too, something for people to look forward to.

Televised sport is important, and all these events are covered on TV but by having them played in the UK, they gain additional interest from people.

Holidaying in the UK is popular, and with so many events taking place, some people will attend these as part of a holiday. People spending time away as a holiday to visit a sporting event shows just how sport mad the UK is.

Few other countries can say that, and with sport comes gambling which is the reason why the UK is a gambling hotspot.