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Why Australia is the perfect destination for gap year travel

Why Australia is the perfect destination for gap year travel

The two most popular destinations for those taking a gap year, before or after university are Asia and Australia. Asia is a well-known backpacker’s haven, whilst a gap year in Australia is an ideal choice for those that want to combine some work with an adventure.

You will be able to find lots of companies that specialise in helping those that have chosen a gap year in Oz. There are packages that specifically combine offering advice on getting work (permits etc) while helping you book adventure trips.

A lot of Australian gap year travelers use Sydney as a base to start their adventure. If your first stop is Sydney, an orienteering package can be of benefit and great fun.

The first recommended stop would be Circular Key. It’s stunning, and you can’t beat it for views of both the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

For more panoramic views nearby, you can watch the ships roll in from Mrs McQuarie’s chair - a bench carved out of stone by convicts! The Royal Botanical Gardens are within walking distance offering a great place to have a picnic and observe some Australian wildlife. There are plenty of birds with distinguished beaks and the fruit bats (or flying foxes) that hang from the trees in the day are a sight to behold when they wake in the evening. You can hear and see them flocking around the lights of the Opera House.

If you find yourself in this area in the evening, enjoying a drink from the Opera House bar whilst the sun sets is a luxurious experience – it’s not a bad way to kick start your adventure!