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Where to head to on holidays post the COVID-19 pandemic

Where to head to on holidays post the COVID-19 pandemic

It can be confusing to work out which destinations are safe for your well-earned break when different travel restrictions are in place in different countries. Some of the destinations you hoped to visit were open but then had to shut down again.

So let’s look at a few suggestions of safe places to visit while the world is still in turmoil starting with Portugal.

A safe bet for sunshine and great food, culture and style, Portugal has it all; and no travel restrictions are affecting your visit.

The Algarve is a beautiful stretch of coastline that runs from the Tagus Valley to the Iberian Peninsula and joins Spain at that point. The Algarve coastline is notable for its stunning limestone caves and private beaches; some only accessible by private charter boat.

Stylish resorts of Vilamoura or Vale Do Lobo offer luxurious resorts in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Set between Portimao and Albufeira is Alporchinhos, a stunning part of Portugal and home to the Vila Vita Parc, a 5-star village-style resort offering gorgeous accommodation designed for the discerning.


Why not visit Croatia? Croatia is open for business and is welcoming business and leisure travellers to this beautiful Baltic country. Visit the historic city of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is a magnificent walled city overlooking the Adriatic coast. An upmarket destination which is full of history and culture. Elegant Dubrovnik has a beautiful old town with renaissance palazzi, and churches adorned in the Baroque style.

The city is full of bars and restaurants serving delicious seafood. This city is a well-known celebrity hangout, and choices of luxury accommodation are in plentiful supply. Still, after a day sightseeing and shopping, you might like to retreat to the quiet luxury resort of the Sun Gardens just 8 kilometres outside Dubrovnik.

The Sun Gardens is a contemporary hotel that has a fantastic range of facilities: a spa considered the best in Croatia, stunning views, luxury accommodation, and children are very welcome; making this an all-round family experience.

If not Croatia or Portugal, what about the home of fantastic food and stylish dressing?


What about a trip to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris is as you would expect it to be: just like the American version but with a little more style and panache. An excellent option for a family trip, as every taste catered for. The venue is open to visitors with a selection of accommodation options including the 5-star resort at Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland Paris.

The hotel and resort is every princess’s dream; a fairyland castle, decorated in a unique Disneyland style, promising the guests a magical stay.

Needing a vacation or short break is one thing, but travelling must be safe. The following procedures are taking place to protect you as a guest and their staff.

Safety in Resorts
It is usual that all public areas, including the kitchens and behind the scenes areas, have been protected with increased cleanliness and hygiene regimes, and the staff trained to manage any situation.

The companies have taken all possible measures to ensure risks are minimised, such as restricting face to face meetings and reducing the number of staff on duty to the minimum without affecting efficiency.

Enhanced protection at reception desks is standard with additional hand-sanitisers in all public areas. Floor markings guarantee the safety distance and circulation between guests and staff. These rules are enforced and strictly adhered too.

It is no longer acceptable to pay with cash. Touchless payment systems are in place wherever possible.

Hospitality has changed, and in practical terms, luxury resorts have been quick to install a touchless hotel experience. Check-in by mobile is standard, and guests receive a digital key to the suite so that they can proceed directly to their rooms. Digital check-in for spas and treatments is now standard, along with fitness classes and therapy.

Travelling Safely
Travellers who are looking to minimise risk to themselves and others should consider flying by private charter jet. By travelling this way, you can avoid crowds in airports by using separate terminals designed for private jet clients. Security controls at private jet terminals are quick and effective, limiting any possible contact time.

All airlines are taking extra sanitary measures this applies to the aircraft and crew, but even more so in private aviation. Certified private jet operators are following the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s recommendations of protection.

These measures are stringent and put in place for the protection of all passengers and crew. Flying in and out of Faro Airport or Spilt International Airport has never been easier or safer.