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What you need to know before heading to the Galapagos

What you need to know before heading to the Galapagos

When you take a closer look at the South American map, there’s one country that tends to stand out. Her name is Ecuador. That’s because, roughly a thousand kilometers off its coastline lies the magical, exquisite, and undeniably peculiar Islands of Galapagos. The enthralling archipelago has absolutely become the country’s symbol of pride. The islands are welcoming, charming, friendly, and gracious to their visitors who come from far and wide.

Getting to the isles will require you to have a good itinerary; for you to have a good itinerary you’ll require a good travel agency. Happy Gringo Travel and Ecuador Green Travel are some of the best travel agencies Ecuador has. Liaising with a top touring company can lighten the load that comes with traveling, especially for a place that involves logistical technicalities like the Galapagos.

You’ve probably never stop reading and looking at photos of the ravishing Ecuadorian islands ever since you were introduced. Before you head out to the Galapagos, you might want to take a look at some of these resourceful facts about vacationing the magnificent islands.

Immigration department
Even though the Galapagos is part of Ecuador, you should be aware that the islands are treated as though they are a standalone place. This implies that when you reach the immigration office in the country, you’ll have to show proof of a return trip ticket to the mainland. Secondly, you’ll also need to verify your accommodation while you’re touring the islands. Be sure to double-check your bookings and ticketing to avoid any last-minute inconveniences.

Payment Options
The islands of Galapagos are quite remote; this has actually been one of the factors that hamper the development of the islands. On one side, incipiency gives the islands a rustic rugged demeanor which makes a lot of people fall for them. On the other hand, the remoteness makes it slightly inconvenient. For instance, there are very few ATMs available on the islands, this leaves a lot of tourists with no option but to have liquid cash with them in order to make purchases. Always ensure you have local currency with you as much as possible.

Getting Around
Transportation is one of the things that you’ll want to properly institute as you plan for your trips. Unless you’ll be having an island stay, most of the time you’ll need some form of a vessel to locomote from island to island. This will require you to have pre-arrangements with the cruise services. Ferry services and small boats are also available; however, they barely reach islands that are further from the main four inhabited islands.

An Adventure
A trip to the Galapagos is certainly a vacation, but not just that, it’s also an adventure. With many of the places being exotic with hilly and volcanic terrain, you’ll definitely be trekking most of the time. Your trip to the picturesque archipelago would be somewhat demanding. One of the must-have items on your luggage should be sturdy and comfortable footwear; also, don’t make the mistake of forgetting your sunscreen. You’ll be using it a lot.

Other Items
If you already haven’t been faced with the tough decision of choosing what to carry, it’s surely around the corner. No matter how much you are packing for your trip, you should leave room for two important items; a pair of binoculars, and a camera. The Galapagos islands are loaded with endless fascinating sceneries. It’d be wrong not to capture some of your precious moments for a later time. A pair of binoculars is just the right tool for instances that won’t allow you to be close to the action.

Medical Insurance
Medical insurance is one of the prerequisites for you to tour the Galapagos island. Even though you’ll be vacationing, you have to be mindful and prepared in case the worst happens. Even though nobody wants to have nasty incidents happening to them while having a great time, misfortunes do occur. Having a medical cover removes the fear of having to deal with any medical impediments on foreign land.

It’s true that you’ll require plenty of cash to vacation on these beautiful islands. It’s also true that you can tour them on a bargain, yes - on a bargain. You just have to know how the island operates, figure out some loopholes, and you’ll be good to go. A last-minute cruise is one of those hacks, even though it’s precarious, it does pay off.

Anticipate the best
In conclusion, expect nothing short of perfection as you plan your trip. You can call the islands a one-stop-shop tourist destination with a little bit of everything for everyone.