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Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – Where Dreams Come True

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – Where Dreams Come True

Disney's Magic Castle is one of the most memorable images for almost anyone's childhood, and it is in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom that is it brought to life on a grand scale. Placed at the centre of the Magic Kingdom the Cinderella Castle, the lands of the theme park span out from its base.

As you enter through the ticket barrier into the Magic Kingdom, visitor walk up Main Street USA which is filled with fun and exciting Disney shops and cafes. Leading up to the Cinderella Castle, Main Street USA acts as processional way for all the parades though Magic Kingdom. At the end of the street is the famous statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, which is replicated in all Disney Parks and is a classic Disney World photo opportunity.

To the left of the Magic Castle is Tomorrowland. Themed around Space, Tomorrowland is dominated by one of the three mountains of Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain. A fast paced rocket ride into outer space, Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides in the park. TIP: Go straight to Space Mountain as you enter the park and pick up a "Fast Pass" this will let you return to the ride a few hours later and skip the queue as Space Mountain is always very busy!

Moving round the park, guests then visit Fantasyland. Currently being renovated, Fantasyland will soon be host to Beast's Castle (from Beauty and the Beast) as well as Snow White's cottage and a Little Mermaid themed ride Ariel's Undersea Adventure Other attractions in Fantasyland include the classic It's a Small World as well as rides for younger children including Peter Pan’s Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Liberty Square is next with the Liberty Square River Boat, which takes guests to Tom Sawyer Island, and the Haunted Mansion where hundreds of ghosts and ghouls reside!

Next is Frontierland, where the other two Magic Kingdom mountains are found. Splash Mountain, the only wet ride in Magic Kingdom, is a lazy river boat ride followed by a 52.5 foot drop! Based on one of Disney's oldest movies, Song of the South, Splash Mountain is a must ride attraction. TIP: Ride Splash Mountain early in the day to give your clothes time to dry out before your travel back to your accommodation! Big Thunder Mountain, the second mountain in Frontierland, is a runaway train rollercoaster which zooms around the mountain at a crazy speed!

Adventureland feature the classic Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride, on which the blockbuster movies are based. The Enchanted Tiki room is also in Adventureland, where Zazu (from The Lion King) and Iago (from Aladdin) have taken over to produce a Polynesian musical revue.

Based on the original Disneyland park in California, Walt Disney's original theme park, all visitors to Walt Disney World will not fail to be entranced by the magic of this park, a place where dreams come true