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Wait times set to reduce following fast track kiosk instillations at John Lennon Airport

Wait times set to reduce following fast track kiosk instillations at John Lennon Airport

Liverpool’s John Lennon airport may be famous for naming itself after a global sensation and cultural icon but it might soon boast another claim to fame: delightfully short wait times.
It’s all thanks to the introduction of Fast Track security Kiosks from Cammax Limited which will allow passengers to bypass the normal wait times typically found at large, congested airports. These customisable kiosks can be outfitted to do a number of things, including printing receipts and entry tickets, and are able to receive a variety of different payments, including debit and credit cards with chip and pins; contactless cards; in addition to smart cards.

How Wait Times are reduced
If the traveller chooses to purchase a fast track ticket, they then have the option to bypass the normal line and go into the fast track line. Of course, the added incentive for travellers is that they can spend less time queueing, avoiding delays to onward connections and any frustrations. Meanwhile, the advantage for the airport to implement schemes like this is to provide additional revenue streams. This in turn can be reinvested into upgrading facilities and services provided to become a world-class airport where more people want to spend time perusing duty free products, creating an upward spiral of even greater revenue.
Just how much additional revenue are we talking? Normally, extra income can reach up to £5,000 every month and depending on the foot traffic and the time of year, that figure can extend even higher.

High-Quality Construction
In order to ensure maximum durability and minimum footprint in the real-estate hungry airport open spaces, the ergonomics of Cammax’s Aiport Security Fast Track Kiosk have been designed expertly. The products steel exterior ensures security whilst upholding sleek aesthetics, making it nearly impossible to be damage by incidental contact. Knocking one of these machines over is also a tall order because the solid foundation can be attached to the floor for added security.

Proven Track Record
Cammax has a proven track record for pioneering these initiatives having undertaken similar projects in the past. The addition of Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport to the portfolio is just another example of their continued growth, a sign that clients and airport passengers alike recognise the value of augmented service and reduced wait times.
With partnerships in place with Luton, East Midlands, Stanstead, Manchester, and Birmingham with twelve, six, two, seven, and four kiosks respectively, it is clear that there is an established model for fast-track services in airports. Only time will tell, but this is looking to be a major improvement in airports nationwide, and soon could be an international staple.