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USTAY+ App’s new breakthrough in mobile messaging gives hotel guests five star treatment

USTAY+ App’s new breakthrough in mobile messaging gives hotel guests five star treatment

Hotels have a dynamic new way to pamper their guests. They can now send personalized real-time messages to the smartphones of their visitors throughout their journey.

If it’s your birthday you might get word that a complimentary beverage awaits you in the cocktail bar. Attending a wedding? You’ll get notification of special activities just for the wedding group. If you’re a delegate at a convention you may receive updates of events and party invites-all according to your personal interests. And anyone may well receive last-minute happy hour or spa offers or news of tourist discounts in the area. All tailored according to the guest’s personal profile.

Hotels and their guests will be connected like never before thanks to a remarkable first-of-its-kind “push segmentation technology” upgrade to the revolutionary app Ustay+ MICROS Opera™.

The enhanced Ustay+ app now gives hotels the ability to deliver timely and valuable information to their guests during their stay as well as before and after. It’s a way to get the right message to the right guest at the right time.  It’s a cutting-edge tool that enhances the prestige of properties that use it, while making visitors feel really welcome with an array of special updates and offers.

Ustay+ MICROS Opera™ is the result of a strategic partnership between Mobile Media Applications, LLC, a hospitality application developer, and Protel, A._., an authorized distribution partner of Micros Inc.

As Ustay+ is integrated with the hotel’s MICROS Opera™ property management system (PMS) guests are able to make real time bookings and get confirmation. They can do this from anywhere in the world and in any language using either iOS or Android operating systems.

From the moment the reservation is made, hotel and guest are connected. Even before the guests arrive the hotel can offer room upgrades and local tourist information. And afterwards the hotel can follow-up with a customer satisfaction survey, or offers of reward points for another booking, and more. But now it’s during their stay that Ustay+ delivers guest service never available before. Guests can receive all kinds of personalized offers and event updates based on the demographics stored in the hotel’s property management system.

Tom O’Rourke, President and CEO of Mobile Media Applications, said, “This is a groundbreaking enhancement making Ustay+ the most innovative hotel app in the world. It delivers messages in a way that’s never been done before. Using the app and the PMS together is the future of personalized messaging. In addition, once a hotel’s Ustay+ app is live they can turn a smartphone into a trip planner, an interactive map, a guidebook, a digital concierge, a social network, and a source of real-time local news. Being able to send messages catering to an individual’s specific guest profile is of immense value to the hotel and, of course, for the guest as well.”

Metin Arghan, Chairman of Protel, added, “There is no other platform that can do all of this for a guest. It’s the app that every hotel must have if they want to provide superior service for their guests and more effectively reward customer loyalty. It’s a five star service that every hotel should offer. It takes guest services to a new height of sophistication. Hotels who embrace this kind of innovation differentiate themselves from the competition.”

The app has other benefits for hotels giving them an extra channel to measure monthly revenue reports as well as the ability to track and measure guests’ behavior through an analytics dashboard. In order to create this seamless interface, Protel constructed a secure API (Application Programming Interface) which enables constant communication between the MICROS Opera™ PMS and the mobile application.

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