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Udo Heine shares Ukraine’s Leopolis Hotel

The destination of choice in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, the prestigious Leopolis Hotel is a truly unique property.

Offering exquisitely comfortable guestrooms, each designed for maximum comfort, the hotel maintains the harmonious combination of classical charm and modern convenience.

Recently nominated by the World Travel Awards – as both Ukraine’s Leading Hotel and Ukraine’s Leading Business Hotel – the property creates an ambience and allure unlike anywhere else in the world.

Here Breaking Travel News sits down with manager Udo Heine to discuss the future of this prestigious property.

Breaking Travel News: Has the political instability witnessed in Ukraine – following the Orange Revolution and its subsequent reversal – played any role in the development of the Leopolis Hotel?

Udo Heine: No the political situation plays no role, as Lviv is concentrating on tourism locally and internationally – focusing on the city’s history.


BTN: Similarly, has the global economic climate had an impact on visitor numbers at the property? Is the situation expected to change during 2010/2011?

UH: We see a slow recovery in 2010 and expect better results in 2011 due to the preparation for the 2012 European Soccer Championship which will also be held here.

BTN: How does the Leopolis Hotel differentiate itself from competitors in Ukraine?

UH: We are the only truly five star property in the western Ukraine, with no real competition when providing international service levels.

BTN: What are the key markets for the Leopolis Hotel? Does the property tend to appeal to a Russia or European audience? A business or leisure market?

UH: We are tending more to the European and American business markets. The leisure market is more domestically during summer and winter vacation time.

BTN: Is the legislative and financial environment in Ukraine conducive to the success of the business - for example, with regard to the availability of credit for investment or restrictions on the use of labour?

UH: The legislative and financial environment in the Ukraine is very difficult and costly.

As one of the very few 100 per cent foreign owned companies we finance ourselves in Europe and keep in the limits of the law to avoid any conflict.

BTN: In which ways does the hotel’s location – in the cultural city of Lviv – play a role in its success?

UH: Our location is the best in the city - you cannot be more central.

However, our success is not the location; it is down to our outstanding quality and service.

You can check it at The Trip Advisor.


BTN: How would access to the European Union affect the Leopolis Hotel?

UH: It would make our life much easier (in terms of the legal framework and with regard to costs) and would increase business.

BTN: Are there presently any expansion plans at the property?

UH: Yes we will be adding 40 rooms, a cocktail bar, a fitness & spa centre, meeting facilities and a new restaurant – all before March of 2011.

BTN: Has nomination in the prestigious World Travel Awards provided a positive catalyst for the hotel? If victorious will the award be used in any marketing material for the property?

UH: We will use it mainly for marketing releases and to raise our profile.

BTN: In which other ways does Leopolis promote its offering?

UH: We have many ways through internet, advertising and special events.