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Traveling around Spain: Southern Coast for 7 Days

Traveling around Spain: Southern Coast for 7 Days

All people who decide to travel to Spain, choose their own destination and desirable places for visiting. If you don’t like crowded places and beaches, September or October is the best time to travel to Spain.

It is wonderful with its wide sandy beaches, fluffy umbrellas, and decent restaurants. Each season several fashionable and luxurious places open there, but many old places do not also lose their popularity.

Of course, many people travel to Spain to eat jamon and drink red wine. If you also go to Spain with your partner for that purpose, go to Bibo. It is a new restaurant of the famous restaurateur Dani Garcia. The fact is that you will not try the more delicious jamon anywhere else. In addition, meat is prepared perfectly there.

If you are going to celebrate some event, pay attention to a wonderful dinner on the beach in Trocadero Arena. You will enjoy octopus, paella, and incredible beauty sunsets. Also, you can have a delicious dinner in the simple Los Sardinales on the beach: shrimps, sardines, octopuses, squid, and amazing sangria.

The old town of Marbella is beautiful and noisy in the evenings, it is quite hot to walk in the day time, but in the evening you can wander around peacefully, find a nice place on the roof and drink a little sangria, for example.

Within a radius of 20-30 km from Marbella, there are several castles of incredible beauty, which you can easily find on Pinterest.

This small town is known for its huge bridge of Puente Nuevo. To look at it, crowds of tourists go for 2-3 hours on winding mountain roads.  If you are looking for Spain travel tips, keep in mind that if the sea temperature is +30 °C then in the mountains, it will be +35 °C and above, so it’s worth to retrieve water, put on hats and cover your shoulders. The bridge itself, of course, is impressive, and it is better to look at it not only from the observation deck but also from the road that lies below, it’s the highway Molinos.

El Caminito del Rey.
It is one of the prime spots in the mountains. It’s a narrow path at high altitude among the rocks. More recently, this object has become a tourist one: earlier only the workers used the path. This is a stunningly beautiful and picturesque place, if you want to get there, you need to take tickets in advance.

It is a small town in the southernmost point of Spain. If you think about traveling to Spain or already plan your little trip along the southern coast, this is where you will have the brightest and most impressive stop on the route.

The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet in this place,  Tarifa is also known as the capital of winds and windmills. You will see them in an incredible amount on the way there, and this is a stunning view.

It is worth taking a walk in the old town of Tarifa, here you will get aesthetic pleasure: traditional pots, fixed on snow-white walls, small cozy shops with Spanish beach dresses and souvenirs, cafes and restaurants.

Tarifa is a mecca for the kite-surfs and windsurfers, so if you like these sports, you can stay in this unique place for several days to improve your level.

The beach of Tarifa is a few kilometers of sand, there are no either umbrellas or sun beds due to strong wind. Throughout the beach, there are schools of windsurfing and kite-surfing, as well as surfing cafes and camping. Even if you are not interested in water sports, you should look at the beach and look at this spectacle: hundreds of kites and windsurfers coexist with each other somehow unimaginable, while they walk at high speed because the wind is not just strong, sometimes it is more like a hurricane.

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