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Top 5 Things To Do In Nuremberg

If you are ready for a new touristic discovery this year, we have got a suggestion for you. Obviously, everyone knows and loves Germany for its unique diversity and combination of old and new. However, to understand this country better it is not enough to go to Berlin or any other large city. These of course do represents the country in some aspects but not to the fullest. For the most complete experience, it is medium-size cities worth visiting just like Nuremberg.

In this article, we will tell you about the city of Nuremberg, a hidden champion of the Bavaria state in Germany and why it should become your next travel destination. If you are eager to learn more and get the utmost of your time in Germany, stay tuned!


Top 5 Things To Do In Nuremberg
Located in the northern part of Bavaria, this city has been built on the crossroads of the major merchant roads back in the middle ages. Nowadays, it becomes one of the fastest developing places in Germany with the country’s top innovative university, many global corporations headquartered there as well as interesting sightseeing places for tourists. With its own dialect, food specialties and incredible dynamism, Nuremberg will definitely conquer your heart!

The easiest way to get there would be to fly to the Albrecht Durer Airport which is perfectly connected with all parts of the city via underground or the so-called U-Bahn. However, you may also opt for a flight to Munich and then take a train, bus or a shared car trip to your final destination. Owing to the incredible transport infrastructure in Germany, you will definitely be able to travel all around the country once you get there.

To start your trip well-prepared, we suggest you look through our top recommendations on what to do in the imperial city of Nuremberg to get the utmost experience of the local life there:

● choose your perfect timing: there are different things this city has to offer for all seasons. If you prefer to see one of the oldest and most-known world’s Christmas markets, then winter would be perfect timing for you. If you are a fan of beer festivals and open-air music events, then make sure to book your flights for warmer days;
● explore all the districts inside of the city wall: there is no need for Google Maps if you want to get somewhere in Nuremberg, just make sure to find the wall. This medieval construction will help you easily orientate and always identify the borders of the center.
● eat the local specialties: cuisine is one of the main paths to a better understanding of the local culture and tradition. There you will easily get local sausages in bread somewhere in the city center or a signature ginger cookie known as Lebkuchen in all of the little handcraft bakeries.

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All in all, visiting less known places in Germany pays offs for the better and more precise understanding of the local life here. Nuremberg is one of the places that has numerous attractions for tourists but also giving an insight into how ordinary life there is like.