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Top 3 Accessories for More Enjoyable Flights

Top 3 Accessories for More Enjoyable Flights

Going on a long flight at the beginning of a vacation or a trip isn’t always good for everyone. Being on the plane for a few hours and having nothing to do – expect enjoy the in-flight entertainment – is certainly not the ideal way to start a pleasant trip.

However, there are simple gadgets and accessories you can take to make your flights more enjoyable. In this part, we’re going to take a look at three must-have accessories for those of you who travel in an airplane frequently.

A Pair of Noise-Reducing Headphones
Forget speakers and large tablets; what you really need to invest in is a pair of good, noise-reducing headphones. There is one particular pair that springs to mind and that is the Bose QuietComfort 25. This is the absolute best gadget to have if you’re often stuck on long-haul flights. In fact, it is a must-have gadget if you love to listen to some music or watch videos anywhere.

The Bose QuietComfort 25 is a very comfortable headset to wear. It has a super noise blocking capability and will remove any noise around you. Not even the loudly crying baby in Row 3 will disturb your flight. The pair of headphones looks stylish in a white-and-cream finish; there is a black version available as well.

The QuietComfort 25 from Bose is a bit expensive, but it is an investment worth making nonetheless. Although the headphones connect wirelessly to your phone, there is a standard 3.5-inch jack that you can connect to the in-flight entertainment system.

A Comfortable Neck Pillow
Unless you’re flying business or first class, chances are you’re stuck in a rather stiff seat with limited space. A good, comfortable neck pillow can help salvage the situation and make the entire flight more enjoyable. There are a few notable pillows you can take with you while traveling.

A Thermarest Evolution Pillow is perhaps the most well-known and most recommended. The neck pillow is very durable and stylish. It offers maximum comfort without making it difficult for you to carry it around.

You can also go with the Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow from TravelRest for something more compact. As the name suggests, this is an inflatable pillow that’s very easy to use. It has a very unique design, too. Instead of wrapping around your neck, this travel pillow extends from over the shoulder to your armrest.

An iPad for Entertainment
Although most flights now offer in-flight entertainment, there are still those that don’t. You also can’t always expect there’s something to enjoy in the system. This is where an iPad comes in handy. The large screen of an iPad Air or an iPad Mini can be the source of hours of entertainment during the flight.

There is a particular accessory you need and that is the Arctic Flight for iPad. This is an iPad mount that clips to the top of your airplane tray table, turning your iPad into a handy entertainment system. Connect the iPad wirelessly to your Bose QuietComfort 25 and you can watch anything from Netflix or Amazon Prime.