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To pack or not to pack: what shouldn’t you take on a trip

To pack or not to pack: what shouldn’t you take on a trip

Going on a trip, it seems necessary to grab the most useful devices to be ready for any situation. Hundreds of guides highlight various things definitely worth taking on a trip, there are even special applications with checklists. However, little is said about the items that can become a superfluous cargo for the traveler. There is no doubt that the wisest course for any tourist is packing light. Here is the list of things you’d better leave at home.

A laptop
Remember how many times you took a laptop with you - and how many times you opened it. If you are not on a business trip, then you can do without a computer. With the weigh 10 times less than a laptop, any smartphone can boast practically the same functions. Maps, Google-documents, the Internet and even Stakers online casino - all this is at your disposal on the mobile device.

A reflex camera
Another heavy object you can easily do without, if you are not a professional photographer on the assignment, of course, is a reflex camera. The phone camera is almost inferior to SLR cameras nowadays, and it will definitely be enough for snapping some Instagram photos. Keep in mind that there are places where getting expensive equipment out of the bag is simply unsafe. A heavy camera on your neck, that keeps you worried, will not contribute to the pleasant impressions. So, relax and travel light.

Household appliances
Put out of your head all daily domestic problems, at least for the time of travel. Do not carry a portable hair dryer, mini-iron or a mug with a water boiler.
Most hotels provide their guests with the necessary basic set of household items to make them feel comfortable.

A paper book
Even the most the most avid readers are unlikely to read the book taken on a trip from cover to cover. Most likely, it will be a couple of pages in a train or plane. The rest of the time the book will mercilessly occupy a place in the backpack and burdens the shoulder. It is better to download the desired text on your device. In such a situation, this option will be the best decision.

Smart clothes
Evening dress or expensive jacket - these are typical one-time clothes. They are uncomfortable and, surely, designed for one or two outings during the trip. But believe me, there is no strict dress code in the majority of the cultural places.

The cure-all medicines
Without any doubt, health comes first. If you have medicines that you cannot do without, then, of course, they should be with you. But it is impossible to prepare for all the diseases, so take special care of your medicine chest.

To take a light snack on the road will never be superfluous. But stuffing a suitcase with food supplies in advance is not the most reasonable idea. This is a dubious way to save money, moreover it also prevents you from immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the area. The cuisine of each