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Tips on Decorating Rental Spaces

Tips on Decorating Rental Spaces

Decorating a rental comes with many considerations. You are never too sure if the place allows it if you will stay long enough or even if what you want fits. Here is some consideration for decorating rentals.

Understand Ground Rules
Before you start any decoration or renovation on your rented space, consider getting approval. Most rentals come with ground rules on what you can and cannot change. Given that most areas are shared, the ground rules ensure your changes don’t affect the other users. Even though most serviced apartments in Milan allow for decorations, seek clarification from the management whenever you are not sure of the changes. 

Fix the Lighting
The first consideration when it comes to sprucing your rental space is the lighting. Proper lighting is quite expensive, and most rentals would instead go with the cheaper versions. Most apartments also tend to offer lesser areas as they look to have more rooms for many people. Invest in high-quality lighting fixtures, lampshades, and other overhead lights. Proper lighting makes your place look roomier and more lovely.

Spruce up Window Covering
The window is like the gateway of your home to the surrounding. Given the use by different people, most rentals come with dirty and worn out windows. Consider replacing all the window fixtures, blinds, and other window treatments. Bring in cute window curtains to lighten up the room.

Introduce Versatile Pieces
Always keep in mind that renting is temporary. No matter how much you stay in a place, you will seek better places or move to your home. Buy versatile pieces you can quickly relocate with to a new location. Whether it is the lighting, furniture, or other fixtures, go with easy to install and remove accessories. The pieces should also fit in different rooms and with a variety of colours.

Use Paint to Your Advantage
Staying in a rental does not limit you from expressing your personality, and nothing shows it than the paint. Paints are the easiest way to liven up your room. Feel free to use different colours in various places. You can also opt to create a mixture of colours for some creativity.

Cover Floors
The floor is another housing feature that most rentals don’t deliver. Unlike your place where you get the floor of your choice, rental room floors are a permanent fixture. The low-quality floor means the room can quickly get too cold during the colder seasons. Invest in high-quality rugs to keep your feet warm at all times.  Also, consider a wall to wall carpet for the floor for a complete look.

Introduce Art
Other than the paints, lighting, and window coverings, art is the other way to liven up your room. Whether a wall art, sculpture or an antique artefact, a piece of art creates a unique touch to your home. Also, unlike other addictions, most rentals allow arts, and they are easy to move. 

Bottom Line
Living in a rental is not an excuse to live basic