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Things You Should Know Before Enjoying Your Vacation in North America

Things You Should Know Before Enjoying Your Vacation in North America

The continent of North America is much more than just the United States. As well as the diversity and breadth of the USA, the continent also contains Canada’s vast wildernesses, Mexico’s ancient civilizations, the holiday paradises of the West Indies, and much, much more. Holidays in Cuba is the perfect summer getaway for you if you want to see beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, while a trip to Alaska allows you to see stunning wildlife and beautiful northern wilderness.

But Cuba really is one of the jewels of North America, a real melting pot of an island, with a rich history to boot. While the island has suffered from the economic boycott which the USA has placed on it, and the negative perceptions of its socialist regime, it is a holiday paradise. Whether you want to lounge by the pool with your family, explore the interior, take in the vibrant cultural events, or explore Havana’s gay scene, there is plenty to do here.

The capital city of Cuba is Havana, and dance seems to be everywhere here. Music fills the streets, with salsa sounds found in many venues. As well as salsa, however, there is also a type of music known as ‘son’, which fuses African and Latin rhythms in a uniquely Cuban way. One thing to look out for is musicians playing the ‘Tres Guitar’, a kind of acoustic bass guitar with three double strings.

But there are several things to take into account before travelling to Cuba, especially if you are from the United States. You always need a Tourist Visa Card in Cuba, which can be obtained from the airport on your arrival. Travelers who do not live in their country of origin may find that they have some difficulty leaving Cuba. For this reason, if you are in this kind of situation, it really does pay to have as many documents proving your situation in your possession.

Getting around Cuba can be very simple, thanks to the state-organized system of hitchhiking which exists there. To use the system, it is essential that you speak good Spanish. The system is made up of a series of points along the road where drivers are required to stop and pick up hitchhikers. The system is known as ‘El Amarillo’ (the Yellow Guy), due to the distinctive uniforms of the people who administer it. One of these people should be around the pick-up points, and it is easy to spot them in cities and the countryside. This is by far the most cost-effective way of travelling around Cuba, especially if you want to see the natural beauties of the rural regions.

North America has a great range of locations to visit, all of which can provide lasting memories of a superb holiday. Cuba, in particular, can be very welcoming to visitors, offering a great mix of cultural and geographical highlights. As with any destination, it has its own unique quirks, from three-stringed bass guitars to superb mountain vistas. Be prepared for anything in Cuba.