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The top 5 luxury holidays

The top 5 luxury holidays

What is your idea of a luxury holiday? The answer depends very much upon what kind of activities you like to enjoy and who you want to travel with. For some people, it is the exclusivity and seclusion of a fabulous palm-fringed beach resort, whereas others enjoy one of a range of quality package ski holidayswith friends. With that in mind, let’s sneak a peek at the list of five top luxury breaks below to see which would best match your blueprint for a fantastic luxury getaway.

1. A luxury beach break in the Maldives

Its picturesque setting in the Indian Ocean, unspoilt beaches and outstanding resorts make the Maldives a very popular luxury getaway choice. There’s several top quality, five-star resorts on the islands that allow visitors to enjoy the abundance of natural resources in the region. Whether it is relaxing on the beach, enjoying fine dining, diving, sailing or even hitting the local shops, the Maldives offer the visitor the chance to experience them all in total luxury.

2. Outstanding skiing vacations

If one aspect truly defines luxury skiing holidays then it is the quality of the resort. Many exclusive skiing destinations around Europe; such as Zermatt, Courchevel, Verbier and Val d’Isére offer outstanding skiing and fabulous accommodation and après ski to enjoy. Alternatively, you can head slightly further afield to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains in the United States to fabulous resorts like Aspen and Vail. Enhance the experience still further by booking your own fabulous ski chalet for the duration of your stay to offer easy and immediate access to the pristine slopes.

3. The magnificence and majesty of Dubai

If there is a country seeking to redefine what a luxury holiday experience is, then Dubai is the place. Billions have been spent transforming the city into one of the most ostentatious, spectacular and luxurious destinations in the world. In Dubai, it is possible to ski, shop and dine not just in one city, but also under one roof. With facilities that offer unprecedented levels of luxury, some of the finest names in fashion, not to mention spectacular resorts, it is easy to see why Dubai is becoming one of the world’s luxury holiday hotspots.

4. The marvels of Malaysia

If you are seeking a destination unspoilt, tinged with a glimpse at the spiritual nature of the east, then Malaysia offers you the chance to experience all this and more, and in decadent surroundings. Whether you are visiting the many attractions inland, or enjoying the spectacular beaches and local hospitality, there are several first rate resorts around Malaysia that are perfectly suited for a luxury stay. The heady mix of culture, natural beauty, wildlife, fashion and local hospitality are the ingredients for a perfect stay in this beautiful and diverse country.

5. Opulent resorts in Barbados

With warm weather the year round, and a natural proclivity towards enjoying life, Barbados has become a popular option for those seeking a little luxury in the Caribbean. The west coast of the island is a very popular place for the rich and famous, featuring a wealth of local attractions, top class resorts and hotels and the island’s famous white sand coral beaches and turquoise seas. Whether it is relaxing in the spa, on the beach or enjoying golf, watersports, game fishing or the stunning local scenery, Barbados is the perfect place to unwind in unfettered luxury.

If budget is not a primary consideration then any of the outstanding destinations above offer a luxurious holiday never to forget. Whether it is a traditional beach vacation, staying in luxurious ski chalets, exploring the innovation and opulence of the Middle East or the spirituality and beauty at the heart of Asia, there is the perfect luxury retreat whatever your holiday choice.